Machete is the Greatest Fkn movie of all time !!!!

Went and saw Machete last night...... it is possibly one of the greatest fkn movies of all time. 
Let's run this bitch down slightly with some highlights:

Robert DeNiro is a senator who shoots wetbacks at night with Don Johnson = FKN COOL
Crazy killing bullshit with big knives = ALWAYS BADASS
Hot nurses with machine guns = SPEAKS FOR ITSELF
Michelle Rodriguez with an eyepatch = EVEN COOLER
A pudgy Seagal who speaks shitty spanish = RETRO PIMP
Lindsay Lohan + topless + also dressed as a nun with a gun = FKN SWEET
Lowrider cars with hydraulics that can shoot missiles out of the hood = IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER
Cheech as a priest with shotguns = HELL YES

Robert Rodriguez always puts out some cool shit, but this fkn movie kicked ass. 

This is a MAN movie people - see it if you have testicles, fkn girls probably won't like it but who gives a shit what they think?

Machete - Trailer #2
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