Random celebrity shit and other stuff for Monday

That Hayden Panettiere girl that I guess is an actress went to Oktoberfest according to the intranet thing
Here is a picture
Picture from: celebslam

And Lindsay is already out of jail according to Celebslam - says she posted bail and got out last Friday already. This was her latest mugshot.
Photo from: clebslam
But don't forget to go see her in the baddest assed movie EVER - MACHETE !
Here's another pic from this fabulous epic motion picture (make sure to check out my earlier blog about that fkn cool movie)

Photo from: bloggarut

Also - Katy Perry got part of her shit taken off Sesame St cuz they claimed her boobs were too prominent.
Photo from: cbsnews
Doesn't it look like that lil Elmo fucker is checking them out? 

Now, some random pictures of girls grabbing other girl's boobs from DJMicks - check the site out for even more

And the fkn Longhorns lost to the homos of UCLA 34-12
Photo from:

but my Aggies (who are 3-0 and sure they have only played shitty schools, but being an Aggie fan these days you gotta take what you can get) were off - they're playin on Thursday @ Oklahoma State

Picture from: hottestcollegeinamerica

  • If you care - there might be an Arnold Schwartzawhatever sex tape - click here for that story.
  • There are some ALLEGED photos of Lindsay and Paris making out and doing heroin - click here
  • Some asshole filmed the emergency landing of the plane they were on - click here
  • My man Artie Lange was out and about finally after trying to kill himself late last year - click here
  • And finally - the guy that owns the Segway company died after driving his Segway off a fucking cliff - click here for that ironic bullshit
That's it for today.
Later Bitches!