Tuesday Lohan update

Is the Lohan too broke for rehab?

From celebrities.gearlive

"It will cost Lindsay Lohan a whopping $50,000 to dry out at the Betty Ford Center until January 3, per her court-ordered term. Linds is a celeb, and it should be no problem … but reports are circulating that the bill is too high for her to pay.

Lohan’s probation report states that her “clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product.” Linds will also have to wait until she leaves the clinic to receive any money from her film project Inferno, in which she plays a famous porn movie queen.

But wait … didn’t she make a lot of money from all the movies? Celebrity Net Worth suggests Linds has about half a million net, but rumors of money problems have plagued the actress for years. An April report suggests that Linds amassed an amazing debt of $1 million on her credit cards, and her current Betty Ford stay is definitely not her first rehab stint. Being addicted costs money … and stopping the addiction doesn’t come cheap, either.

So, will Linds be kicked out of the Betty Ford Center? Not likely. Like as not, Lohan is still a celeb -- otherwise, why would we care if she’s broke? -- and has all the potential to get back on top."

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Do you people honestly want this poor, innocent little being to go broke? I think she deserves a bailout.

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