Facts #01 and 02 - Semen for your face and Whorish Penguins

"Fascinating Fact: Sperm is good for the skin
The proteins in sperm have a tightening effect on the skin. When sperm is left to dry, the evaporation of the water in it leaves behind protein which can help to reduce wrinkles. While this may be an excellent anti-aging treatment, the obvious downside is that you have to walk around with sperm on your face."

I won't make any further comments on this.... but I could - 'nuff said. I hate it when I can't share stories to protect other parties identities

Fascinating Fact: Some female penguins engage in prostitution
"Believe it or not, in the wild, certain female penguins (even when in a committed relationship) will exchange sexual favors with strange males for the pebbles they need to build their nests. According to Dr Fiona Hunter (a zoologist): “It tends to be females targeting single males, otherwise the partner female would beat the intruder up.” On some occasions the prostitute penguins trick the males. They carry out the elaborate courtship ritual, which usually leads to mating. Having bagged their stone, they would then run off"

They run off after getting what they want outta the male .......... just like some human females.
Damn You whore penguins ! Damn You to Hell !!!