People looking at my shit

This is not about people literally looking at my pooh (that word makes me laugh) ... but rather at my cool-ass shit that I have supplied you bastards with.

  There's a little thing on my blog site deal that I can look at and see how many page views I've had, when they looked, etc... Stats, if you will.

  I looked at it just now and I have had fkrs in Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador and Vietnam who have looked at my wonderful collection of badassness. I wonder how the fuck they have ran across my little piece of the intranet? Sure, I know that there's that Google thing, but what exactly do you Google to find my bullshit? It just makes me wonder..... Is there a guy in Ecuador right now sitting is his tighty-whiteys (that is how you say that by the way, I've heard several people refer to them as whitey-tightys , which is highly incorrect) with a luke-warm beer laughing at a picture of a midget while his wife is grinding up some meal to feed him with? Is there some Russian mafia dude in Moscow looking at the pictures of some hot wench that I posted? If so, Hello Sir - no problems from me, I think you guys are cool. 

  Sure, I know that there are some random odd fuckers here in the good ol (but rapidly pussifying) USA but Vietnam? What the fuck is some guy, or gal, in Vietnam looking at my shit for? I know I am a funny and amusing person with some random time on my hands to throw shit on these wonderful pages.... but if you're in Vietnam... don't you have some better shit to look at? Am I that badass? Well..... nevermind.... I am that badass.

  For instance, just take a look at the pictures on the little sidebar. I have seen and done some cool shit. Of course, there are a lot of things that I've done that I don't have pictures up of, and some that no pictures exist of (Good Thing Too), but you can see just a taste of the coolness that is the Pollock. You people are quite lucky to have me share with you... you're welcome.

  Take the first picture, for example... I don't know who the fuck these odd people are or why they were dressed like that, just happened to be in the right place at the right time (in that case, 11th street in Bantucky, Texas).  Then you skip down a couple of pictures and there is good ol' me with a bunch of floozies. They were all dressed like old school saloon dancers and they thought I was the shit! Why did they think this you may ask? It's because I am a charming bastard with fabulous whit and wisdom... Not tooting my own horn, but you can toot it for me if you'd like........

  Then there's a black and white picture of a naked chick a bit further down (past the one of my old donkey "Nomar Garciapara" R.I.P. my little burro) that I dated years ago.... No comment on who that was, just bragging with that picture. After that you'll see some pictures of chickens at Lukenbach, Shane and Stu fucked up like polio from Hunter's Weekend, kitchen drinking games while wearing cookware on our heads, off-shore fishing of the coast of Playa del Carmen, good friends, my old camo truck, etc...... Damn! I am cooler than I even thought.

  There are many stories that I could tell here, but I think it's best if I hold them for now. There are people out there that might not want some stories told so I will save that for my book and have to figure out how to disguise who the hell they are about..... Like if I said this one time, this crazy fucker from East Texas and I went down with a bunch of friends and almost got murdered in a Mexican bar far from where the touristas normally hang out since he ended up throwing beer around, most of you would know who I am talking about and that's not an option right now. 

  So for now, I will keep this to my random comments and all the fkd up pictures and videos I post.
Deal? Deal. 

  So just sit back in your chair, remove your pants if you are a female and unrelated to me, and enjoy the greatness that is the Pollock and be happy that I bless you with ME.

Ruggedly Handsome picture - property of good ol' me